Herb tinctures, glycerates and vinegars

Generally formulae are made up individually for each person, however there are some mixtures that are appropriate at certain times.

Devils Claw & Willow Formula: Devils claw, willow, boneset, siberian ginseng, burdock, lobelia, black cohosh, cayenne & meadowsweet - - Useful for movement & flexibility problems

Female hormonal rebalancing: for pre–menstrual stress, and all menstrual problems – will be formulated to your requirements. Please ask.

Hawthorn and Motherwort Formula: Hawthorn, motherwort, borage, gingko, barberry, rosemary, dandelion and cayenne – these herbs may be helpful with circulatory and heart problems

Immunity formula: Echinacea, oregon grape, red clover, siberian ginseng and pau d’arco – to support the immune system. Can be used short term, for colds, flu or infections, or longer term.

Approximately 150 different single herb tinctures are available - as single tinctures or as individually prescribed formulae.

Elderflower & elderberry glycerate: this is a pleasant tasting cough syrup. 

Thieves vinegar: this formula is based on a vinegar used to enable thieves to loot plague victims houses in the 17th century without succumbing to the plague! It acts as a colds/flu preventative and treatment and is particularly effective at soothing sore throats. Contains organically grown chilli, onion, garlic, ginger and horseradish in organic cider vinegar