Herb powders

Powders and capsules

Slippery Elm & Comfrey Powder: slippery elm, liquorice, marshmallow, meadowsweet, comfrey and chamomile – may help to soothe an inflamed stomach and counteract excess acidity.

Toothpowder: oak bark, fennel, cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda, barberry and mares tail – to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Trikatu Formula: Pippali, black pepper and ginger powders – An Ayurvedic formula for symptom relief of hay fever and sinusitis

Bowel Formulae: please ask for information sheet.

Barberry Formula Capsules: a gentle but effective formula for many intestinal problems that can be used long term

Chamomile & Cascara Capsules: a stronger formula to be taken short term

Single herb capsules

Cayenne: for circulatory problems

Ginger: useful for digestion and for the circulation